2 Years of Sminq – Creating something that did not exist on the Internet

Two years ago, Sminq started as an idea to ensure people don’t wait in line when they wish to avail a service. For the first six months, we piloted Sminq at

  • Restaurants
  • Doctors
  • Banks
  • Offices (Walk-in interviews)
  • Spas
  • Salons
  • Food courts
  • Retail shops (Changing rooms, Billing counters)


Early 2016, our learning was that the wait at the doctors was not only the longest, but also the most challenging problem to solve. We decided to go for it! This space, as it turns out, is completely unorganised, non-receptive to technology, low on ‘customer service’ and lastly, a low-margin business for ‘software solutions’.

Clearly, our task was cut out. If we could solve the most complex part first, our learnings would no doubt help us scale that much faster across other domains.


So, what have we created that NEVER existed on the internet?


Real-time information of how people move in and out of merchants (in this case, doctors). Sminq is like your in-store CCTV, giving you live updates on how the patients are being served and when you can expect your turn.

We believe that traditional appointment systems in fast-moving / unpredictable service environments are completely broken. With Sminq, today you can see how many patients are waiting at the doctors’ at any given point of time. We give you the ability to remotely add your name to the queue, and get real-times alerts on service speeds and when your turn is expected.

Sminq growth numbers

Sminq traction


Some numbers on how users have adopted to this new method of booking:

– We give real-time alerts to more than 100,000 users each month!

– Each user gets an average of 10-20 live feeds for their booking, and on average we help save patients 74 minutes on each doctor visit!

– More than 50% traffic to “each doctor” on our platform is driven via Sminq (Web + iOS + Android)

– We are present in 5 cities (Pune is HQ) and we have replaced the biggest health care software systems at all our doctors.

Millions of lines of live feed are crunched & broadcasted every day by our system, helping users track things like – “Doctor has not arrived yet”, “Doctor has suddenly left for an emergency”, etc.

– A WHOPPING 72% of users do NOT go back to walking–in or calling the doctor once they have used Sminq. A HUGE change in consumer behaviour!


What started as a small pilot in June 2015 in a single clinic in Pune, is being used by more than half a million customers today across multiple cities!

What’s next? Our goal is to get as close to a ‘just-in-time’ experience and completely re-imagine the way local services are consumed. We are just getting started! ☺

Try our Android & iOS apps next time you visit your doctor.


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  • Shankaranarayana 22 / 08 / 2017

    Fantastic 74minutes is a lot of time ,so many things can be done,the biggest advantage is removal of anxiety ,frustration sitting at clinic and waiting,which actually,enhances patients discomfort ,great boon to patients doctors ,three cheers to SMINQ ,great app congrats to al team members,hope other field also is taken care by Sminq


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