Sminq is now Freemium – Become a PLUS Member Now!

We have upgraded ourselves – Sminq is now Freemium! “What is that?” you may ask, and you probably have several other questions. We tried to answer them below. 


What is Freemium?

Technically, Freemium stands for Free+Premium. Some features and services of Sminq will be absolutely free, while some others will be chargeable under your PLUS membership.


What are the Free services?

As before, you will be able to book appointments for free. Basic services like unlimited bookings will always remain free for all our users. For more information on Regular and PLUS, see our chart below.

What benefits do I get from being a PLUS member?

PLUS members get all the benefits of Basic membership plus these awesome additional perks:

  1. Early access to top doctors (no more staying up late past midnight to get your 8AM doctor’s appointment the next day)
  2. Cashback on medicines*
  3. FREE Wi-Fi*
  4. Dedicated Support

Also, PLUS members in future will get priority to access to all our new offerings!


Why did Sminq decide to go Freemium?

We do not charge doctors any fees for using our platform. This helps us remain unbiased, without favoring or influencing any particular doctor. This in turn results in the best experience for our users. Our pricing is transparent, which means that no doctor can pass on any hidden costs to our users.

Our Freemium model ensures that we can continue to offer our users basic services, without affecting the end user experience that they have come to expect of Sminq. For users who wish to benefit from a richer experience and save hours in waiting at clinics, we have the PLUS option that we highly recommend for a nominal fee.


How much does a PLUS membership cost?

Currently we are offering a lifetime membership for a fee of Rs.499 only! If you believe that time is money then become a member now!


If any of your questions remains unanswered, please leave us a comment and we will respond at the earliest.

*Wi-Fi is available at select clinics and will be rolled out across more clinics in coming months.

*Cashback on medicines is being offered by our online 3rd party partners. Cashback coupons with details to redeem them will be shared after subscribing for a Sminq membership.


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